The Tindall Foundation

The Tindall Foundation Funding

Tararua REAP is the Tindall Foundation Funding Manager for the Tararua District. We work closely with our neighbours at Wairarapa REAP to administer this fund on behalf of the Foundation.

The philosophy of The Tindall Foundation is to provide assistance to heal problems rather than manage them - that is to give “a hand up not a hand out”. The Trustees have preference for projects that assist groups and communities to meet their own needs by better using their own resources in sustainable ways. Particular emphasis is placed on innovation, partnerships, links to other organisations and the community, multiple funding sources and ongoing sustainability when Tindall Foundation funding ceases.

The Tindall Foundation’s funding for our area is focused on supporting families and social services.

The key areas for support are:

  • Early Years
  • Youth Development
  • Māori
  • Migrant, Refugees and Cross Cultural
  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Budgeting
  • Community Services and Development

For more information go to Tindall Foundation Website.

Please note that we are not able to fund initiatives with a focus on health, disability, core education, sport and recreation, drama art or performing arts.

Note: Funding applications will only be considered for projects that are not part of core governmental funding - that is projects that government already fund.

Applying for funding

Annual applications open on 1st September 2023 and applications must be in by 15th October 2023 for consideration.

The criteria and application form is available for downloading, click the button above.

For more information, please contact the Tararua REAP Manager:

Phone 06 374 6565

Click here to email