Employment Support

How Tararua REAP’s Employment Liaison Coordinators Can Help


Ready to get into the workforce but don’t know where to start?

Tararua REAP’s Employment Liaison Coordinators provide a one-stop-shop for job seekers which includes providing information around training, support to secure sustained employment and advice to help with long-term career planning.  You may need help to write your CV, apply for jobs online or want more information about the employment pathways available to you.  Our Employment Liaison Coordinators offer a personalised, non-judgmental and confidential service to help you. 

Are you ready for a change or want to advance your career?

Not happy in your current roles, want part time hours or a while change of scene?  Or maybe you want to work towards a promotion or pay-rise?  Our Employment Liaison Coordinators have their fingers on the pulse for training opportunities in the area - they can help you have those difficult conversations with your boss, uncover opportunities relevant to you or simply provide a sounding board to discuss your next steps. 

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Further enquiries can be made by contacting Tararua REAP.

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Are you an employer or business needing to lift the skill set of your workforce or recruit additional staff?

The Tararua REAP’s Employment Liaison Coordinators will provide ongoing support to enable a streamlined approach for the community to accessing local job opportunities and trained workforce.

The Employment Liaison Coordinators work in the community, with the community and help to facilitate connections into training and employment to ensure:

  • Local people have the appropriate skills for employment and are access and filling local opportunities.
  • Local businesses have access to a workforce with appropriate skills.
  • Support is provided to both employees and employers to ensure their needs are being met.

Employment Liaison Coordinators work alongside a wide range of local businesses responding to needs as they arise.  

The Coordinators will also maintain ongoing meetings with the employers and training providers to ensure their needs are met.

In response to the COVID-19 impact, Tararua REAP regularly engages with local businesses to understand the demands and to coordinate the redeployment of displaced workers.  Tararua REAP has a strong interest in retraining and developing skills in the region.