Success Story: Unexpected Credit Card Debt

Ever looked at your credit card and felt anger and panic rise up inside as you realise that someone else is spending your money!?

*Bob had signed up for a free trial on two USA websites, one for gaming and the other for music. To qualify for the free trial both websites asked for Visa account details which he gave, accepting their terms and conditions without reading the small print.

After the free trail was up, Bob started noticing large amounts of money being direct debited from his Visa account. Bob was desperate - his rent and power payments were dishonoured. Bob was worried and alone in his problem until he called Tararua REAP Budget Service. 

For Tararua REAPs Financial Mentor this was a new problem so she started with a website search and found that both websites had a person available to chat with online.  Advocating for Bob, the Financial Mentor explained the situation and sought a solution with the website providers.

The gaming website understood Bob had made an honest mistake, as he hadn’t used their gaming site since the free trail was up.  They agreed to stop the direct debit and refund the money in full.

The music website were a little hesitant to start with, after our Financial Mentor suggested Bob seek legal advice, they agreed to stop the direct debit and refund money.

Amazingly, within a week from making contact with both websites, Bob received full payments equalling $769.52 NZ dollars enabling Bob to pay rent and power account arrears.

Bob is now learning how to use the internet safely, and importantly to read the small print and be more aware of what he’s agreeing to.

Tararua REAP’s Financial Mentors have a wealth of knowledge and support clients in many ways.  Often the introduction of a third party can assist with debt repayment plans, contract issues or late payment fees. 

*Name changed to protect identity.