Early Childhood


Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Education service encourages rural families to access early childhood education for their children. We work alongside Play Centres, Kindergartens, Playgroups, Kohanga Reo, and Childcare centres.

Here at Tararua REAP we:

  • Value parents as being the first teachers of young children.
  • Provide information about local early childhood education and support.
  • Offer practical help with positive parenting strategies.
  • Provide SKIP information and discussion (Strategies with Kids, Information for Parents).
  • Deliver a variety of workshops to playgroups with discussion on child development, and areas of development, e.g. physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social, with links to Te Whariki, the NZ Curriculum
  • Topics for workshops include, science, music, physically active play, art, dough, etc

The Tararua REAP ECE Coordinator can also deliver home-based programmes to meet individual family needs, such as parenting support, child development stages, extension for the child learning (including special needs). Your confidentiality and privacy are paramount to us.

Tararua REAP accepts referrals from Parents, Caregivers, Early Childhood Centres, Government Agencies and Social Service Agencies. Will also refer out to other agencies as requested.

To make a referral or to find out more about Early Childhood Education in the Tararua District contact us on 06 374 6565 or email


SKIP is a government funded initiative that supports parents and whānau to guide their children’s behaviour in a positive way. The SKIP website offers information and inspiration to those who work alongside parents of babies and young children.

SKIP Resources

SKIP resources were developed by the SKIP team to be a straight-forward, easily understood source of information. Some are designed specifically for parents, caregivers and families, while others are aimed at helping community groups conduct workshops and training.

SKIP resources are provided free of charge. You do not need to have an existing relationship with SKIP. For example, we often send resources to doctors’ surgeries, childcare centres, as well as to community groups.

Pamphlets and booklets


The nine pamphlets can be ordered separately or in bundles of 50. There is a colourful wall hanger that can be easily fixed to a wall for display. There is also a SKIP envelope for posting or handing out pamphlets.

Badges and fridge magnets


The badges and fridge magnets have colourful messages and are designed to remind parents to talk, listen, sing and read to children. They are available in English, Maori and Pacific languages.

Posters and wall frieze


SKIP has some colourful posters with positive parenting messages like, “Pick your battles”, “Ask them for their ideas”, “Try to have a routine – but expect that some days it just won’t work”, and “Spend time everyday just enjoying your child”.

The SKIP Bilingual Baby wall frieze in Maori and English, Samoan and English and Cook Island Maori and English has 12 frames with images showing easy ways we can build a strong relationship and help our baby to develop a healthy brain.

Other resources


SKIP has balloons for you to give away, SKIP plastic bags for people collecting lots of bits and pieces, and postcards featuring SKIP illustrations and key messages you can post. There are also colourful height charts with SKIP messages (there is a limit on these).

Research and training material


SKIP can provide your group with independent research on positive parenting and training material to help you take that message to your community.
Resources include posters, business cards, DVDs, books and training modules developed by SKIP.  These resources are restricted to only organisations providing positive parenting education to parents. There is a very limited supply so please only order what you need.

Other language resources


SKIP has translated the nine SKIP parenting pamphlets in to Arabic, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Farsi, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Māori, Samoan, Spanish Latin America and Tongan these are only available to download they can not be ordered in a printed format.


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